Technical And Business Performance Within Your Cleanroom

We provide industry-leading technology and decades of experience in cleanroom design, construction, and business operations that empower superior performance and efficiency in any cleanroom facility.

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A Successful Cleanroom

Defining Successful
Cleanroom Operations

Performs Well Technically Through Good Design, Construction, And Maintenance
Maximizes Profit By Controlling Costs And Avoiding Serious Mistakes
Expands Market Share With Competitive-Edge, Proven Innovation
Cleanroom Operating Qualities

Two Crucial Qualities For Owning And Operating A Cleanroom Facility

Owning or operating a cleanroom facility requires two qualities:


Without exaggeration, the stakes for end users are life-and-death. That means the stakes are high for everyone involved.

Add to that the demanding regulations, the capital requirements, constantly changing market conditions, and innumerable things that can go wrong technically and in business operations.

It’s clear that cleanrooms are only for the brave.

Highly Maintained

The second crucial quality is highly maintained competence in every team member, from the owner or CEO down to the newest lab tech.

Fumbles aren’t allowed. Failing to spot something before it morphs into a major problem? Not allowed. It can bring ruin. Not seizing on a competitive-edge innovation? It can decrease profits or market share. So can adopting an innovation that’s not right for a given cleanroom.

We Are The

Solution For Your
Cleanroom Facility

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Are Your Cleanrooms

Equipped To
Avoid Failure?

All cleanrooms depend on highly complex technical and business operations.

Any small issue can create a domino effect that takes a cleanroom offline, creates disappointing returns, causes owners and teams an excessive amount of time and stress, or even results in catastrophic effects – for the technical operation and business performance.

You’ve Got This

Like you, we’ve been there. With our decades of experience in cleanroom design, construction, and operation (including business operations), we have worked through the night just like you have a time or two. Putting out fires, solving problems, finding solutions.

We know you shouldn’t have to figure it out on your own. And that given the complexities of the industry, no one can learn it all on their own.

That’s why Performance Assurance Systems is a team of deeply experienced experts. It’s also why we’re becoming known as the industry leaders in innovation and consultation for companies large and small in the cleanroom industry.

You’ll Love This...

We Offer The Tools For Maximizing The Technical And Business Performance Of Your Cleanroom

The combined expertise of our clinical and construction professionals allows us to offer innovative designs, unique cleanroom technology, and proven business strategies. We offer you the tools to maximize the technical and operational performance of any cleanroom operation.

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