Introducing PASport


Changing the way you think about HEPA filter validation.

PASport Device

Introducing PASport 

Terminal Air Filtration Test Port System

With our 100% made in the USA HEPA Filter Filtration Validation Test Ports, you can be assured to have the highest quality product providing the highest quality service for clean air environments.

Terminal HEPA filter validation really can be this easy.

How it works

The Science Behind the PASport System


Benefits Of Using the PASport System

We’ve listed 6 of them just to name a few. To get the complete overview of this device, please download our technical documentation found here.


Cleanroom Suitability

The 316 grade stainless steel as well as the acrylic PASports have smooth clean exterior surfaces suitable to be installed in most cleanrooms and are compatible with the disinfectants and cleansers used in cleanrooms today.


HEPA Filter Validation

Certifiers equipment is compatible with PASport’s challenge and test ports. PASport allows them to decrease their time validating your filters by as much as 75% which should result in decreased test costs and increase in your bottom line.


Fewer Contaminants

The valve system prevents unfiltered air entering the room during the attachment or disconnection process by the certifier. PASport can be installed in the ceiling next to the filter or in the wall outside room.


Increased Accuracy of Test

Loss of aerosol to leaks in duct work or plenum become a non-issue. The PASport assures photometer will read the concentration of aerosol introduced into the backside of the HEPA filter.


Reduced Staff & Downtime

Production can resume quickly, Easy connectivity to our closed loop valve systemNo breaching of ceiling, no need to drag unnecessary equipment in classified space. Plug and play system reduces test time and allows staff to resume work quickly.


Decreased Financial Impact of Certification

Improvements in efficiency of testing, and reduced down time results in increased staff productivity. Return to production sooner adding to your bottom line.


Compromised HEPA filters jeopardize patient safety by increasing the probability of a bad batch despite all other factors being ideal.

  • HEPA filter integrity must be validated at least semi-annually to ensure the functionality.
  • The Aerosol Challenge is a widely used and accepted method for this test. This method requires the operator or “Certifier” to introduce an aerosolized inert oil upstream of the filter media while counting the particles which pass through downstream of the media with a calibrated Photometer.
  • In most cases, this process requires gaining access to the upstream airflow to the filter. This “breach” can result in a complete “terminal clean” due to contaminates entering the space.
  • In the case of facilities, where crawl spaces have been provided to introduce the aerosol may require a second operator to introduce the aerosol, while the first operator scans the filter media.
  • Until now, the “certifier” must use a theoretical calculation to determine the concentration of the aerosol in the air stream.
  • The “calculation” fails to account for such variables as distance, condensation, impaction, and loss of aerosol due to imperfections in the ductwork.
  • These conditions require time and effort for the performance of the test, as well as increased downtime in the production cycle of your sterile area.

The Clear Advantage Of the PASport Closed Loop System.

Our patented design is the only CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEM on the market with both a challenge and test port as well as aerosol dispersion system for HEPA validation testing.

The PASport System is;

  • The only stand alone system with both a challenge and test port.
  • The only system to ensure proper mixing of the aerosol into the upstream airflow.
  • The only system that allows certifiers to accurately read the concentration of the aerosol at the filter plenum.
  • The only system that protects the certifier, and the staff of the potential harmful effects of the aerosol.

Easy Operation


Easy Plug & Play Hookup

Plug in the aerosol generator to PASport challenge port and photometer to test port using our supplied inserts. Turn on the aerosol generator and introduce aerosol challenge to the system.


Measure Upsteam Concentration

Using the photometer, measure the upstream concentration of aerosol returned through the test port.


Scan Filter

Scan the face of the filter and assess results.


Quick Disconnect

Once the scanning is complete, a simple turn of a screwdriver is all that’s needed to disconnect from one port and be ready to connect to the next.

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