BUD – Video Conference System For Cleanroom Enviornments

BUD™ provides reliable, real time communication between your cleanroom and unclassified spaces. Multiconference capable, meaning multiple conferences can occur simultaneously.


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Learn How BUD Improves Productivity When
Communicating With Outside Environments

Meet BUD

Effective communication is paramount for efficient operation.

Significant savings potential of $37,000 per pharmacist per year or more by reducing entries and exits to cleanroom. BUD reduces PPE waste and keeps your team productive. 


Instantaneous Communications


Designed for Classified Spaces


Multiconference Capable


Flexible and Expandable


HIPAA Compliant


24/7 Technical Support Team

Private Conversations

One-on-One Communication

Quickly call a user from our homescreen to connect with an exteral team member for questions, references, or special request without having to leave the classified work area.

Group Meetings

Group Calls and On Demand Meetings

BUD application will allow you to create multiuser meetings on demand by inviting users from the call screen. You can also request to join existing group calls with a touch of a button.

Periodic Photos

See Who’s Available and Who’s Not.

Our application provides a constant feed from the workstations which gives assurance by showing the team members available before initiating a call.

Improve Productivity While Operating In Cleanroom Environments

Significant savings potential of $37,000 per pharmacist per year or more by reducing entries and exits to cleanroom. BUD™ reduces PPE waste and keeps your team productive.

As operators and owners of cleanroom facilities, we understand the productivity barriers involved when needing to communicate to external personnel for references, questions, and other business needs. We built this application to provide a video conferencing service tailored for employees who work in classified spaces.


Minimize exits & entries from cleanrooms


Streamline productivity in classified envionments.


Broadcast team member availability status to users in the cleanroom


Conduct work communication through video chats and group calls to save time and expense

Time and Cost Analysis Benefits of Implimenting BUD System

A. Time Spent on donning and doffing garb

Wage assumption for a single pharmacist @ $60.00/hr

Time spend per incident (entry and exit from cleanroom)

  • 10 minutes spent donning garb
  • 5 minutes in cleanroom addressing issue at hand
  • 2 minutes doffing garb
  • 10 minutes getting refocused on tasks.
  • 27 minutes per occurrence X (4) times per day = 108 minutes per day
  • 108 minutes X $1.00 per minutes = $108.00/day x 21 days per month = $2,268.00 per Month

    $2,268.00 X 12 Mo. = $27,216.00 Annually just entering & exiting classified space

B. Cost of providing PPE

Example Pharmacy has 4 employees working in sterile area at any given time.
Weekly spend @ $680.00 / Week on PPE

$680.00 / 4 employees avg.= $170.00 / day / employee = $42.50 / day per employee providing no
employee uses more than 1 set of garb per day (excluding peripherals)

$42.50 / day x 21 working days/mo. = $892.50 / Mo. X 12 Months = $10,710.00 annually
$27,216.00 Time savings for 1 pharmacist entering and exiting cleanroom
$10,710.00 Garb expense for one full time employee

$ 37,926.00 Total Annualized Costs Savings per Pharmacist

Findings & Total Savings Analysis

  • No statistical difference in accuracy and safety of sterile product checked by a pharmacist remotely Vs. on site
  • Allows for opportunities for workload sharing and cost savings
  • Savings were calculated to be $23,770.08 annualized

Total potential Savings:
$27,216.00 Annuallized Time savings for 1 pharmacist
$10,710.00 Annualized Garb expense for one full time employee
$23,770.08 potential savings when used for remote checking (V2)

Grand Total benefits = $61,696.08

Conservatively, the BUD Video Conferencing System will pay for itself in one year or less if used to it’s potential.

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