This Innovative System Makes Filter Testing Faster, More Accurate, And More Reliable – So Your Cleanroom Is Uncompromised And More Profitable.

The only closed-loop system on the market, it gives you control over every step in the cleanroom filter-testing process. That means you can remove the risks of traditional methods, reduce costs, and increase profits.

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The PASport Offers:

State of the art technology: Faster. Safer. More accurate.

The only complete system on the market:

  • Challenge connection
  • Aerosol dispersal device
  • Upstream concentration connection

Ducted and plenum system application.

Ability for each filter to be challenged and tested individually even in a plenum system.

High ROI that pays for itself.

Satisfaction of being 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Worried About The Accuracy Of Traditional Cleanroom Filter Testing? Here’s Why Many Are.

You’re not alone. Traditional methods can’t account for all the actual variables. For example:

  • The aerosol is introduced in one location, but does that location serve the filter I am testing?
  • How do we know the aerosol is adequately dispersed based on the point and method of introduction?
  • Are there any problems with air leaks or worse in my ductwork supplying the filter?
  • Is the introduced aerosol reaching the filter to be tested?
  • How much of the introduced aerosol is actually reaching the filter?

You can probably think of other unknowns that traditional methods don’t account for.

Unknowns Bring Unknown Risks. Not Good.

Filters are tested for a reason: safety. When some variables are unmeasurable, filter tests are to that extent worrisome and unreliable.

In This Day & Age, The Testing Of Cleanroom Filters Should Be 100% Accurate. Not Subject To Worrisome, Unmeasurable Variables.

Technology in every other sector has come too far. No one should have to wonder about the accuracy of cleanroom filter testing. That’s why we created the PASport. It eliminates unknowable variables via its measurable, closed-loop system.

How The PASport Removes The Unknowns With Its Closed-Loop Design?

For duct or plenum systems, the PASport eliminates the unknown variables by:

  1. Independant, 3rd party tested and proven methods of aerosol disbursal as per IEST RP 0.034.
  2. Providing an upstream concentration connection to ensure the aerosol reached the filter and what the actual concentration is.
  3. The PasPort includes “self sealing’ valves to ensure a positive leak free connection to reduce the amount of PAO and contaminants entering your classified space.

Wildcard variables are simply eliminated. Testing is located in an installed, closed-loop system, with the ports located in a single place.

For Engineers

  • Best solution for cleanroom design.
  • Exceeds technical specifications for cleanroom design.
  • Positions you as a “best value” engineer for cleanroom buildout.
  • Tested and proven to exceed recommendations in RP34.
  • Provides clients with a high-quality solution that reduces downtime and cost.

For Pharmacies

  • Verifiable and validatable certification results.
  • Faster, safer, more accurate test results.
  • Exceeds technical specifications for cleanroom design
  • Slashes downtime during certifications
  • Smooth, cleanable, impervious surfaces.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance and certification.
  • ROI of 25% per certification event.

For Builders

  • Peace of mind you’re installing the best available solution.
  • Insures your project passes any related certifications.
  • Ensures many risks are simply eliminated.
  • Positions you as a “best value” builder for cleanroom buildout.
  • Prevents “call-backs” to repair facility deficiencies related to filter testing.


Expertise You Can Trust

Like you, we lived with traditional filter-testing problems for way too long.

In fact, our team brings you decades of experience in cleanroom design, construction, and operation.

And like you, we were frustrated by the unknowns, the worries, the inefficiencies of traditional ways of testing filters.

That’s why we’re bringing you the PASport – our innovative (and proven) solution to cleanroom filter testing problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PASport device save money?
In a small facility ( 5-6 ceiling mounted HEPA filters) the PASport device can save between $600 to $1200 per certification. Savings increase as the number of filters and complexity of accessing them increases.
How does the PASport device increase the reliability and accuracy of my tests?
The PASport provides you the ability to know with 100% certainty that the aerosol injected into the upstream airflow reaches the filter medium and is proven by the photometer reading. PASport provides greater accuracy than the calculations currently employed.
Does it meet IEST RP 34 and ISO Standards?
Yes, Our PASport device meets or exceeds IEST RP 34 and ISO 1644.3 and 1644.4 standards for aerosol distribution and conformity.
What functions does the PASport replace?
The PASport system provides a more accurate way to ensure the integrity of your cleanroom, a more efficient certification process that reduces downtime for your operators, and will keep saving you time and money every year.

Available In:

  • Stainless Steel or White Acrylic.
  • Single-port, dual-port, or quad-port systems.

Next Steps To A Better, Less Costly Filter Tests Are Easy. You’ll Be Glad You Did:

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  • Ask us anything, and learn how the PASport pays for itself many times over.
  • Get it installed, see your profits increase, and know your filter tests are the most accurate possible.

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