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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PASport device save money?
In a small facility ( 5-6 ceiling mounted HEPA filters) the PASport device can save between $600 to $1200 per certification. Savings increase as the number of filters and complexity of accessing them increases.
How does the PASport device increase the reliability and accuracy of my tests?
The PASport provides you the ability to know with 100% certainty that the aerosol injected into the upstream airflow reaches the filter medium and is proven by the photometer reading. PASport provides greater accuracy than the calculations currently employed.
Why would I spend money on the PASport device?
There are 6 Key benefits when using the PASport device.

-Decreased downtime.
-Decreased cost of certification.
-Increased accuracy of testing.
-Fewer contaminants entering classified space.
-Reduced unproductive staff time.
-Ease of testing, plug and play.

Does it meet IEST RP 34 and ISO Standards?

Yes, Our PASport device meets or exceeds IEST RP 34 and ISO 1644.3 and 1644.4 standards for aerosol distribution and conformity.

What functions does the PASport replace?
The PASport system provides a more accurate way to ensure the integrity of your cleanroom, a more efficient certification process that reduces downtime for your operators, and will keep saving you time and money every year.

The most accurate system, the most efficient system, and the most cost-effective system – all rolled into one.

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