Performance Assurance Systems, a leader in Hepa filter performance technology also provides services to provide you a complete operating experience for your facility.

Additional Services

Professional Services Available For Your Cleanroom.

Our team at Performance Assurance Systems also provides the additional services needed in the cleanroom industry.

With our team of experts, we can analyze  your cleanroom environment and provide you with professional services to ensure the highest quality of work delivered.


HEPA Filter Installation and Replacement

Our PASport team also provides HEPA filter installation and replacement of terminal filtration and fan powered HEPA filters.


Filter Validation and Leak Testing

Our team can work with your certifier to train and educate them on how to use the PASport to increase accuracy of HEPA filter validation testing, or we can set you up with one of our experienced certifiers.  


Environmental Monitoring

Clean room environmental monitoring – Electronic Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Monitoring Systems.


Hands Free Wireless Intercom Systems

Professional installation of Wireless Cleanroom intercom systems which provides you with a completely hands free video and audio system.


Policy & Procedures

USP 795, 797, and 800 SOP’s Manuals- the necessary
backbone of any pharmacy operation.


Pharmacy Regulatory Consultation

Uniquely positioned, we can effectively provide services to assist you in designing, building, licensing, operating, managing and improving your operation and your revenue stream.


DEA Compliance

FDA, DEA Representation – State board and regulatory compliance along with mandated plans of correction.


Expert Witness Testimony

We can provide Expert Witness testimony for all your legal needs. Our experienced team has provided experienced representation in the following areas operational processes and procedures, FDA issues, DEA issues, opioid dispensing and compliance.


Pharmacy Operations

Integrity Partners – with nearly 200 years of consulting experience on the team, Integrity Partners provides consulting expertise from starting up a pharmacy, operating a pharmacy to selling your pharmacy.


Cleanroom Builds, Updates and Repairs


  • Clean Room Design.
  • Cleanroom Build, Repair and Remodel.
  • USP 800 facility upgrade to meet the new 2019 hazardous chemical handling requirements prior to the compliance deadline.

What Others Are Saying

"The Performance Assurance installation team was quick, clean, and through, Filter integrity validation the following day was quicker and much less intrusive than previously.” 

Owner, Large Nuclear Pharmacy Company

"everyone is going to need these"


President, Large Home Infusion Company, Tampa Bay area

“installation went smooth, we installed 4 ports in about 4 hours"

Vice President, Multi-State Pharmacy Chain.

“this is a life-saver, we’ve installed these in four of our pharmacies and are planning on a fifth”

Directory of Pharmacy, Large Teaching Hospital, North Florida

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